Heathcote has become recognised as a producer of extraordinary Shiraz wines, rivalling the Rhone Valley from where the grape cuttings were sourced. Grown on old and unique Cambrian soils, the wine style resonates with the individuality of the wine makers. It is home to some flagship winemakers who have achieved international fame for their interpretation of Australian terroir.

Fast Facts

Climate - The climate and soils are strongly influenced by the Mt Camel Range which runs from Corop to Tooborac. This stretch provides a natural tunnel for the prevailing cool south to south-east winds that blow throughout the growing period from October to March. This results in slightly cooler summer temperatures than nearby Bendigo.

Soils - The slopes of the Mt Camel Range comprise a superb red soil, with fine structure overlying uniformly textured red calcareous sodic clay soils. 

Harvest - Mid-March to late May

Wines – Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon