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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 20:36

Wine Victoria Strategy Overview

The WV Board has recently developed a draft strategy to identify and address the issues that are facing our members. The strategy is split into key areas and identifies short to medium term aims. As WV is a new organisation it is our intention to meet the short-term objectives, review our position, then to develop a long-term strategy to guide us into the future.

 Strategy Areas

Demonstrating the value of the Victorian Wine Industry Update the economic, social and environmental impact of the Victorian Wine Industry on the Victorian economy.
Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) Undertake research and provide evidence of the impact of changes to the WET and the WET rebate on the Victorian industry to the WFA and Victorian Federal Members of Parliament.
Victorian Cellar Door Rebate Create the case for retaining the Victorian Government's Cellar Door Rebate for eligible Victorian Wineries.
Wine and Health Work with the WFA to engage the Victorian Government on their health agenda.
Biosecurity and Environment Engage the Victorian Government on the biosecurity needs of the wine industry.
State-based Government Relations Establish an on-going working relationship with the Victorian Government to ensure that the industry is consulted on any changes to policy or funding that will impact the wine industry.